Santa Ana California is located in Orange County. The current population is 332,190. Although Several cities in Orange County are considered safe, there are trouble spots. According to City-Data , Santa Ana’s crime rate is higher than the national average. That, coupled with the fact that the main County Jail is located in Santa Ana, keeps the police busy. They routinely deal with violent crimes, including:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Robbery
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon

This keeps the bail bonds business very busy. According to Chuck Portola of Santa Ana Bail Bonds, 2014 has already seen huge numbers of people calling to get their relatives or friends bailed out of jail. Portola doesn’t see business slowing down any time soon: “The calls are nonstop. Because Orange County has the highest bail rates in the Country, people often have to put their homes up as collateral when their loved ones get arrested.”
Once someone is arrested, they are initially held at the local police station. If they aren’t bailed out, they will then be transferred to the main County Jail, where they will be arraigned. It is during this arraignment that the defendant first meets the attorney who will be prosecuting him. Often, the original crime will be reduced. This type of plea bargaining is very common when working with the District Attorney’s office.
If the criminal case goes to trial, the defendant will then have the opportunity to face the charges. If he is found not guilty, the defendant will then be released. If the defendant is found guilty, he will then be sentenced. The sentence can range from simple probation to life in a California State prison.
It is very rare that the Orange County District Attorney’s Office seeks the death penalty in a capital case.

water heater plumber orange county

What Does A Plumber Do?

A plumber is a professional that deals with the designing, installing and repairing of fire sprinkler systems, fluids used for cooling and heating, freshwater and wastewater fixtures and low pressure pipes for commercial and residential structures.

Since the pressure within the piping of residential and commercial structures are generally less than what are handled by steamfitters and pipefitters, plumbers use a lighter grade of materials. A Plumber Orange County may make use materials made from PVC, copper or other lighter piping materials. For connection methods, plumbers make use of light welding, threads solders or glues.


Pipefitters have more or less the same job description of a plumber, but they key difference is they design and install pipes that have greater pressure than those handled by plumbers. Since pipefitters normally handled greater pressure within the pipes, they make use of materials that are stronger and heavier like different kinds of steel and a myriad of specialty materials. Pipefitters are often employed by industrial companies such as power plants, oil companies and car manufacturers. However, they are still qualified to work for commercial and residential structure maintenance and construction.


A steamfitter and a pipefitter have similar job description and they are also being hired by the same kinds of companies. They key difference between a pipefitter and steamfitter is that steamfitters specialize in piping systems that have high-pressure gasses and fluids. Often, a steamfitter will accomplish his job with the assistance of an Orange County Electrician because there may be exposed wires or the possibility of electrocution.

Different Types Of Plumber Jobs

Residential New Construction Plumber – this kind of Plumber Huntington Beach involved with the designing and installation of yard sprinkler systems, heating and cooling, wastewater and freshwater, pipes and fixtures for newly or under construction residential structures. Plumbers may have to design the piping system themselves as home builder and architects only indicate where the fixtures may be located but won’t be designing the entire plumbing layout.

A Plumber Orange Ca who specializes in this field works as a subcontractor usually. For some, they may feel the pressure to bid low in order for them to get the job. However, a plumber must have firm grasps of the entire cost of the system so chances of an underbid are minimized. Furthermore, plumbers who specialize in this kind of work usually buy and collect the materials they need and bring it to the work site by themselves.

Commercial New Construction Plumber – these kinds of plumbers are involved in the designing and installation of fire suppression sprinkler systems, heating and cooling, wastewater and freshwater, pipe and fixtures for newly or under construction commercial structures. Since architects do the more of the designing work, these kind of plumber are not that involved with the designing process.

A Plumber Santa Ana who specializes in such field have lesser pressure as the jobs tend to be larger and for wealthier clients. Also, materials are also delivered to the site for the plumbers to work on.

Service And Repair Plumbers – these kinds of plumbers specializes in repairing and maintenance of plumbing systems that are already installed. They can work for either residential or commercial buildings.

It is not uncommon for a Plumber Anaheim to work on multiple job types at a single time, and some may work on a single site for years if the structure is big enough. However, they have the option to shift their careers once the work is done.

child psychology orange county

What Does A Child Psychologist in Orange County Do?

A Child Psychologist in Orange County works completely with children to diagnose and help them resolve issues causing behavioral and emotional problems. Their education is the same as that of general psychologists, but with extra emphasis on child behavior and development. Below is what a child psychologist does.

School Psychologists

In many cases an Orange County psychologist will work in schools to help children stressed with educational and family matters. They can also be advisers to school districts where they help by creating a special education program or individual education programs known as IEPs for students with disability. They must be familiar of how a change in a child’s behavior can show a very serious problem, such as bulling or abuse at home. Therefore, child psychologists need to work directly with the school administration and the teachers to help address the student behavior.


For many psychologists, it is very common to work as researchers. This is because they normally choose an area of interest and research on it to determine why a child is behaving in a certain way.

On the other hand, a health child psychologist can research on topics such as alcohol and drug abuse or early pregnancy and decide to work on those programs with an aim of reducing the problems.

Social Work

A number of child psychologists acts as social workers. This is to assist children and families that require immediate help. They can ease the transition of a family that has been separated for a while, or help abusive and careless parents learn new good-mannered skills. This is to make sure children are returned to a harmless environment. Some psychologists also help families find and qualify for assistance to ensure children get clothes, attend school and get enough food.

In some cases, a child psychologist working as a social worker can take on some counseling responsibilities to help a child cope a challenging family situation.

Marriage Counseling

In many instances, a specialist in marriage counseling in Orange County will go through training beyond the typical educational requirements. Children play an important role in any relationship. This is especially true in a marriage or domestic partnership.